About us

PinkApple lunch packs are designed to give an entire family an option of eating nutritious and tasty lunch packs on a daily basis. These packs are filled with different tasty snacks of exceptional quality and hygiene standards to ensure that kids and adults enjoy and don’t get bored of the same lunches every day! The variety of snacks delivered are exciting, wholesome and delicious! The convenience of ordering these snacks are immeasurable! All our products are also certified halaal!


How it works


  •        shops around for yummy healthy produtcs which are sure to meet the fussiest eaters needs!
  •        packs 21 lunch bags to your requirements.
  •        delivers free to your door in 3-5 working days.



  •        Log in and decide which lunch pack you would like.
  •        Pay for the package.
  •        Enjoy!